Ali Intizar

Dr. Muhammad Intizar Ali is an Adjunct Lecturer, Research Fellow and Head of the unit for Reasoning and Querying at the Insight Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway. His research interests include Semantic Web, Data Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Linked Data, Federated Query Processing, Stream Query Processing and Optimal Query Processing over large scale distributed data sources, Stream Reasoning, and Context-aware Systems. He is actively involved in various EU funded and industry-funded projects aimed at providing IoT-enabled adaptive intelligence for smart city applications and smart enterprise communication systems. He is PI/Co-PI of the EU FP7 CityPulse project ( on large-scale data analytics for smart cities and for the primary industry collaboration within the Research Centre portfolio on Enabling the Internet of Everything: a Linked Data infrastructure for networking, managing and analyzing streaming information. He is serving as a PC member of various conferences/workshops and also actively participating in W3C efforts for standardization in RDF Stream Processing Community Group and Web of Things Interest Group. Dr. Ali obtained his Ph.D. (with distinction) from Vienna University of Technology, Austria in 2011.