Omnia Zayed

I am a PhD Student at The Insight Centre for Data Analytics @NUI Galway. I am working in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP). I am being supervised by Dr. Paul Buitelaar and co-supervised by Dr. John McCrae. My work is concerned with “Figurative Language Processing” and I am interested in detecting the usage of figurative and metaphoric expressions in social media, with the aim of improving sentiment and emotion detection across multiple languages.I am ambitious to build Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems that are domain independent focusing on semantic processing and information extraction (IE).

Since 2011, I have been building my experience in NLP by developing academic and commercial applications.

I was a Research Assistant at Nile University (NU) in Egypt, my research focused on IE from Arabic text. In 2015, I earned my master’s degree in Communications and Information Technology from the same university. My master thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Samhaa El-Beltagy, focused on Named Entity Recognition for the Arabic Language. My Bachelor’s degree is in the field of Systems and Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University. My graduation project was related to information systems and helped to improve Women Healthcare Management in Egypt.

As part of my NLP adventure, I joined various internship programs in Germany at Sony Stuttgart Technology Center, IBM Boeblingen R&D Lab, and Darmstadt University to reinforce my skills in the field of NLP and to gain invaluable experience by working on different projects related to IE, Sentiment Analysis, Big Data Preparation and QA Summarization.

Research Interests: natural language processing (NLP), information extraction (IE) and text analytics.

You can check my publications on google scholar: