The Internet of Things and Stream Processing Research Unit (UIoT) at the Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway and part of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a multidisciplinary research unit where we investigate the convergence of Software Systems, the Semantic Web and the Internet, heavily focused on the evolution of Sensor Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Systems with the objective to contribute in advancing the state of the art in computer science using Semantic Technologies, Internet of Things and Cloud Systems and Cyber-security fundamentals.

The UIoT Research Unit is one of the European’s leading application-oriented research groups for IoT middleware technologies and IoT system solutions and services to safely unify the real and the virtual worlds. We are experts in Semantic Interoperability and Stream Processing, we have described the IoT stack and Fog Computing Models and contributed on describing the Data Federation Model for IoT edge nodes, we have extended the use of Semantic Web Models & Linked data for IoT and worked towards supporting flash-friendly databases and graph-based models for heterogeneous data integration using spatial-temporal Data Management. We have created the Linked Sensors Midleware (LSM), The Super Streams Colliders (SSC) amongs other middlewares and the Semantic Interoperability Framework (SEG 3.0) for Distributed Systems Validation and the Data Interplay in Edge Computing using the Linked Data paradigm.

Areas of work:

Continuous query evaluation, Data aggregation, Data annotation, Data modelling, Data visualisation, Iot, Linked data streams, Neural network intelligence, Query optimisation, Rdf storage, Semantic analysis, Semantic interoperability, Spatial-temporal data management, Streams and data federation,

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