The Unit for Natural Language Processing at the Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland Galway has a focus on research in knowledge extraction, social media analysis, multilinguality and dialogue systems. In our knowledge extraction research, we develop methods for the extraction, representation, integration and exploitation of meaning from unstructured and semi-structured text data. Our demonstrator system Saffron encapsulates this into a readily available tool for knowledge graph extraction. Our social media analysis research has a focus on developing automatic methods for the proper understanding and classification of metaphoric language use, offensive content, financial sentiment and informal health reporting. In multilinguality, we focus on the integration of knowledge graphs into neural approaches to machine translation, whereas in the context of dialogue systems our research is focused on knowledge learning for goal-oriented dialogue as well as on emotional state identification in computer-human interaction.

Areas of work:

Social media analysis, Knowledge extraction, Dialogue systems, Multilinguality,

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