The Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) at the Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway has a focus on applied research in information extraction, text mining, and semantic search. In our research projects we develop methods for the efficient application of natural language processing tools in combination with domain semantics (Linked Data, ontologies, thesauri, other knowledge organisation systems) for real-life use cases in knowledge-based information access and semantic search. Our research topics are concerned with the extraction, representation, integration and exploitation of meaning from unstructured and semi-structured text data, using a combination of methods from natural language processing, information retrieval and machine learning. Our demonstrator systems provide readily available tools for applications in expert finding and taxonomy construction (Saffron), semantic search (EnRG) and ontology translation (OTTO), among others.

Areas of work:

Knowledge extraction from text, Machine translation, Social media analysis,

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