UNLP members gave the following invited talks:


  • Mihael Arcan. Utilising of Terminological Expressions in Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Graphs for Neural Machine Translation. 2021. MLT department at DFKI, Saarbrücken, Germany. Online.


  • Mihael Arcan. Knowledge Graphs and NMT. 2020. Workshop #1 on NER in the Context of MT (CEF Automated Translation).


  • Mihael Arcan. The Neural Age of Machine Translation. 2018. Meet Central Europe (MCE 2018), Budapest, Hungary.


  • John P. McCrae. Saffron: Topic extraction, expert finding and trend analysis from scientific literature, Invited talk at the Scientometrics Workshop 2017, Portoroz, Slovenia
  • Paul Buitelaar and John P. McCrae, Knowledge Extraction with Saffron. Texts Master Class Seminar, University College Cork, April 4th 2017.



  • Housam Ziad, Wait .. Is That Your Demo?, The Insight Centre, December 11th (Link)
  • Paul Buitelaar, Knowledge Extraction with Saffron: A Framework and Research Program (invited paper), TIA 2015 Terminology and Artificial Intelligence, Granada, Spain, November 4-6.
  • Georgeta Bordea and Paul Buitelaar, Natural Language Processing for Financial Services, Fidelity Investments – Business Intelligence Retreat, Galway, September 2015
  • Georgeta Bordea, Semantic Annotation of Financial Regulatory Text, Textual Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Workshop, University of Aberdeen, September 2015
  • Mihael Arcan, IRIS – English-Irish Translation System, NUI Galway, June 18th (pdf)
  • Georgeta Bordea, Extraction of Structured Knowledge from Text, Spring Research Seminar Series 2015, at the College of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway, February 2015
  • Bianca Pereira, Making Sense of Text: Bridging the Gap Between Textual Content and Semantic Knowledge Bases, University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil, March 5th.
  • Bianca Pereira, Making Sense of Text: Bridging the Gap Between Textual Content and Semantic Knowledge Bases, State University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, March 6th.
  • Sapna Negi, Automatic Detection of Subjunctive Mood for Opinion Mining Tasks, Workshop on Models for Modality Annotation, Co-located with IWCS 2015, Queen Mary University, London, United Kingdom, April 14.


  • Mihael Arcan, Statistical Machine Translation and TerminologyFaculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 28th
  • Mihael Arcan, Statistical Machine Translation and Terminology2nd International Translation Technology Terminology Conference (TTT), Bled, Slovenia, October 24th
  • Bianca Pereira, Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 29.
  • Sapna Negi, Every Aspect Counts: A Combined Approach Towards Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis, Insight Student Conference, UCD, Dublin, September 2014.
  • Bianca Pereira, Entity Linking with Multiple Knowledge Bases, Insight Student Conference, UCD, Dublin, September 2014.
  • Mihael Arcan, Integration of Terminology into the CAT Environment, Insight Student Conference, UCD, Dublin, September 2014.
  • Paul Buitelaar, Computational Linguistics through the Years; with an introduction to ‘Saffron’, Koblenz University Computer Science Alumni, June 2014.
  • Georgeta Bordea, Constructing topical hierarchies for Expertise Mining, at the Natural Language and Information Processing Research Group, The Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, February 2014


  • Mihael Arcan, How Machine Translation works, 1st International Translation Technology Terminology Conference (TTT), Zadar, Croatia, October 2013
  • Paul Buitelaar, Using Semantic Similarity on Poetic Corpora, Realising the Opportunities of Digital Humanities, Moore Institute, Galway, Ireland, October 2013
  • Paul Buitelaar, Towards Extracting Author Networks from Secondary Literature, Realising the Opportunities of Digital Humanities, Moore Institute, Galway, Ireland, October 2013
  • Mihael Arcan, Domain-specific terminology extraction for Machine Translation, FBK, Trento, Italy, August 2013
  • Mihael Arcan, Experiments in Term Translation, Computational Linguistics dept. of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, January 2013


  • Nitish Aggarwal, Cross-Lingual Semantic Search, Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, September 2012
  • Mihael Arcan, Term Translation, invited talk at Saarland University and DFKI, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 2012
  • Behrang Qasemizadeh, Relational Tuple Extraction from text and Formalizing Morphosyntax over MULTEXT-East framework, invited talk at the Language and Linguistics Department of Sharif University of Technology, Iran, June 2012


  • Paul Buitelaar, Language to Knowledge: Towards an Integrated Framework, invited talk at Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE), Grenoble, France, December 2011
  • Behrang Qasemizadeh, Towards Technology Structure Mining From Scientific Literatures, invited talk at the Department of Computational Linguistics of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, November 2011
  • Georgeta Bordea, Expertise Mining: Extraction of Expertise Topics for Expert Finding, invited talk at Information and Language Processing Systems group of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 2011
  • Paul Buitelaar, Ontology Lexicalisation, invited talk at The Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, January 2011, Barcelona, Spain



  • Paul Buitelaar, Expertise Mining from Scientific Literature, invited talk at the Semantic Computing Group, Bielefeld University, December 2009, Bielefeld, Germany
  • Paul Buitelaar, Ontologies and the Lexicon: Connecting World and Word Knowledge, invited talk at the Graduate Program “Empirische Sprachverarbeitung” (empirical language processing), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, December 2009, Munich, Germany
  • Paul Buitelaar, Project Acquisition at DERI: The Monnet FP7 Project Proposal, invited talk at the UK Info Day for ICT Call 6, Enterprise Europe Scotland & Enterprise Ireland, November 2009, Edinburgh, UK
  • Hammad Afzal, Generating Lexical Information for Terminology in a Bioinformatics Ontology, Presented to the members of gnTEAM and Bergman Lab, November 2009, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester
  • Paul Buitelaar, Ontologies and the Lexicon: Connecting World and Word Knowledge, invited talk at the FlareNet project meeting, September 2009, Pisa, Italy
  • Paul Buitelaar, Ontologies: Creating Stepping Stones in a Sea of Data, invited talk at the Theseus Symposium ST3, ST5 Joint Session on Applications and Benefits of Ontologies, June 2009, Berlin, Germany
  • Paul Buitelaar, invited expert presentation at the Semantic Data Integration Workshop of the LifeWatch project, May 2009, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Paul Buitelaar, Ontology-based Information Extraction with SOBA, invited talk at the Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, February 2009, Uppsala, Sweden