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PANDEM-2 aims to develop new solutions for efficient, EU-wide pandemic management. The goal is to prepare Europe for future pandemics through innovations in training and to build capacity between EU member states responding to pandemics on a cross-border basis.


Passive Prediction

The project focuses on combining proven psychological diagnostic methods with AI. Passive Prediction is a privacy-aware mental health diagnostic sensor that analyses our written forms of expression to catch early indicators of mental health issues.



Prêt-à-LLOD aims to increase the uptake of language resources and language technologies by creating a new methodology for building data value chains based on Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD).


Previous Projects:

DANTE Project The project focuses on terminology identification in the pharmaceutical domain and the creation of multilingual terminological resources using neural machine translation approaches. (Funder: Semalytix/Science Foundation Ireland; 2021)

NURS The project focused on neural machine translation (NMT) for under-resourced scenarios, i.e. languages or technical domains, using sequence-to-sequence models (Funder: United Language Group/Science Foundation Ireland; 2018-2019)

MixedEmotions The project aimed to develop innovative multilingual multi-modal Big Data analytics applications (Funder: EU FP7; 2015-2017)

LIDER The project aimed to provide the basis of a Linguistic Linked Data cloud for content analytics tasks (Funder: EU FP7; 2013-2015)

The project aimed to develop a shared data pool for multilingual sentiment analysis systems (Funder: EU FP7; 2012-2014)

Monnet The project provided a semantics-based solution for accessing information across language barriers (Funder: EU FP7; 2010-2013)

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